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  • July 11, 2018
  • What Makes A Commercial Baking Industry

    Commercial baking industry involves the nature of the work of commercial baking industry. Commercial bakers had to get through a lot of mistakes while staying in a very hot kitchen.

    In order to get a commercial baker to get his job done in safety and easiness, there a 5 tips that he should do.

    Number one is cleanliness. Having a clean kitchen is very important, that’s why cleanliness is number one on the list. For obvious reasons, keeping every inch of your kitchen free from bacteria and other dirty things is very important. You have to pass the cleanliness inspection of food industries by keeping your kitchen free from bacteria and molds. These matters are very important because if someone gets sick because the area is not kept clean, the people behind it could get sued. Plus, a dirty kitchen can never attract customers.

    Another thing is the avoidance of cross-contamination. These days, food allergies are everywhere. Allergies for food are getting worse in time and the reason why is vague. No matter what, it is better to always improve the practices inside the kitchen if you have a commercial baking business, in order not to go through charges.

    Furthermore, kitchens must always be hydrated. Kitchens can be so dry and hot. Heat from the baking can definitely cause the dryness. Dehydration can exhaust the baker and can cause faintness which can lead to accidents and mishaps in baking. Fatal mistakes like cross-contamination can be serious for customers. Having mishaps caused by not working properly can also cause dilemmas like serving raw food and can definitely lead to food poisoning.

    Ventilation goes with hydration because it moves the air and decreases the amount of heat in the place. As mentions, too much heat causes dehydration and eventually mistakes and accidents.

    Another important thing about being in the commercial baking industry is knowing how to multitask. In order to function properly in the commercial baking environment, one needs to be good in multitasking. Although it can be hard at the start, multitasking can make use of the allotted time to minimize the stress that the work can give while maximizing the possible profit that can be earned. The best thing to do is to start off with the small things then gradually add other things to do. Slowly, add another work until you can handle lots of it properly. If you can only do a maximum of 3 things at a time, then it’s best to keep it that way. Too much work at a time can lead to inefficiency and eventually loss of money. If talking about this kind of business, quality over quantity, all the time.

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