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  • July 5, 2018
  • Healthcare Admin Programs Can Change Your Life

    Healthcare administration degrees can assist you in pursuing a bright career. But to gain a degree in healthcare administration it’s at least four years or more of study. To graduate with a healthcare administration degree takes a lot of determination, sleepless nights, deep diving into books to get the degree. Why have you worked this hard? You worked hard for a bright future, but why is the healthcare administration such a bright future?With so many reasons why health administration is a great career its hard to only pick a few, but here are some examples.

    A large boast of the health administration is the job security of the industry. Now that jobs in other industries are falling, its hard to find job security. Yet, with the economy, that’s just something that you have to live with. Job security just isn’t something that is heard of this day in age. But the one industry that keeps thriving is healthcare. Because everyone needs some kind of healthcare all the time, the healthcare industry is just resilient to financial ups and downs.

    Healthcare administrators are always in high demand, holding 22% of the industries jobs any given year. Thank you to the vast amount of baby boomer generation getting older and needing medical services the demand in growth in healthcare administrators jobs have been growing quickly. There are almost always openings for the healthcare degree programs and no fight for jobs in the same system.

    A lot of degrees have a good chance that you may not get a larger paycheck with your degree, but in the healthcare community with it growing and the job security being so tight growth is easy to come by. Though a lot of other degrees aren’t understanding of the investment you make in your future and expecting return with a bigger paycheck, the healthcare community understands. With a decent education, such as a bachelors degree, you could make up to $84,000 a year in the healthcare administration industry.

    Management is also a perk of working in the healthcare admin industry, as a lot of times they are known as health service managers. Basically becoming a healthcare administrator is a respectable and responsible position. Duties that you manage are important decisions, drive change, implement organization wide policies and you bring improvements and efficiency which can be stressful but rewarding as a place of power. Though there are lots of management positions that you can obtain, a lot of times it is dependent on education and qualification. Though if you are looking to become a senior executive in a facility, that’s normally a position of someone with a masters degree in health care administration.

    If you are looking to not directly care for patients, healthcare admins don’t directly care for patients. Admins don’t even visit patients often. Admins are responsible for a patients life in many different ways. First and foremost, improving the healthcare delivery system. Admins advise and improve the development of outreach programs. Admins also improve policy changes, so the state of healthcare can always be changing and expanding.

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